3 Advantages to Selling a Home Fast

Sell My Nashville House QuicklyThe process of selling a home can be a tedious one. First there’s the process of listing the home, then advertising it, and finally, handling the many walk-throughs it can take to secure a buyer.

There are many reasons why this might not appeal to you—even excluding the basic hassle of it all—and why you might prefer to sell your home fast.

1. Selling a home fast in Nashville can help you pay off debts

If you have debts that you need to pay off or if your home is in danger of being foreclosed on, a long sales process is simply unthinkable.

An inability to pay those debts may begin to hurt your credit score, which will then impact your ability to purchase another home in the future.

In this case, a quick sale is likely the perfect option.

Selling your home fast will put the cash in your pocket that you need to pay off your debts—and in some cases you can have money almost right away (our quickest deal to date only took 7 days).

Then you can pay off your debts or your mortgage, getting your lenders off your back, saving your credit score, and maintaining your reputation for the time when you’re ready to buy again.

2. No maintenance or repair costs while you wait for your home’s market value to rise—and no waiting, period.

While the idea of an investment property can be appealing, the actual process of holding onto a home while waiting for its market value to rise can cost a lot more than many people realize.

First there’s property taxes; then there’s the cost of maintenance; and finally, there’s the cost of any repairs the home needs to stay in a saleable condition.

Whether it’s a rental property or a home that you and your family live in, repairs and upkeep can cut significantly into the profit you ultimately make on the sale.

Selling a home fast can help you avoid those maintenance costs and get you money right away—plus, in today’s dubious housing market selling quickly also eliminates the chance that the value of your home will go down, instead of up.

3. Allow you to make a better investment

In addition to avoiding the cost of maintenance, taxes, and repairs, selling a home fast allows you to take the funds currently tied up in owning the home and invest them elsewhere.

For example, if you’ve inherited a home, you might want to sell it fast.  Often, relatives mean well when they leave us their homes; but unless you have experience in real estate, an inherited home can lead to more expenses than profits.

Selling quickly will allow you to reinvent in a way that can help you see more value from your inheritance in both the short and the long term.

Alternatively, perhaps you have rental property that is simply taking too much time to oversee and is costing you a significant percentage of its value for repairs.

Rather than the wise investment you’d hoped it would be, you’ve found that it tends to suck both time and money. Selling the property fast allows you to choose a different investment, one with a better return and that is less time consuming.

In either case, selling the home quickly will allow you to reinvest in a way that makes more sense for you—whether that’s a college fund for your kids or a retirement fund for yourself.

Are you interested in learning more about selling a home fast? Contact us with any questions you may have.