In A Divorce And Need To Sell My House

Going through a divorce is hard on both parties involved.  The last thing you want to deal with is selling your Nashville home.  If you’re looking for a hassle free buyer then we have options to solve your real estate problems.

Divorce isn’t easy and the process of selling a home can take months.  Why strain the relationship even further?  I’ve worked with lots of individuals that are in the middle of a divorce and each situation has its own difficulties but I can craft a solution that works for both parties.

Why couples in divorce like to work with us

  1. No “hard sells”
  2. We do all the work
  3. Honesty and transparency from the beginning
  4. We answer all of your questions and offer a solution that works for both parties
  5. Our solutions allow you to sell your home fast
  6. We treat every client with respect

I’m relocating and need to sell my house

Are you looking for a great solution to your relocation problems?  I specialize in helping individuals solve their relocation needs and save them thousands of dollars in commissions and closing costs.

Have you heard about lease back options?  This is when you sell your house and the buyer leases the house back to you for a predetermined time period.  This works great for families and individuals that need flexibility when it comes to the move out date.